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Olgoi-khorkhoi expeditions (Mongolia) by Ivan Mackerle

(last update : 04 September 1999)


    According to the nomads of Mongolia, a creature, the description of which seems to be incredible, is said to live in the sands of the Gobi desert.

    Recently, a Czech journalist, Ivan Mackerle, made two exeditions in Mongolia, where he recorded new sightings : the animal, refered to as olgoi-khorkoi ("intestine worm"), is described a worm-like, 50 to 60 cm (about 2 feet) long, with no head, thick, dark red, and very feared by the natives for its ability to kill from a distance (although this detail might be mythical). A detailed article on the olgoi-khorkhoi by Michel Raynal can be found on this site.

reconstruction of the olgoï-khorkhoï
(drawing : credit Ivan Mackerle)

    Michel Raynal has suggested that the olgoï-khorkhoï might be a highly specialized reptile, belonging to the sub-order of the amphisbaenians : these burrowing reptiles have generally no limbs, their colour is often reddish or brown. It is very difficult to distinguish the head from the tail in many amphisbaenians, some of which can reach 80 cm (2.5 feet) in length. Michel Raynal's hypothesis was already proposed as early as in 1993 by Czech cryptozoologist Jaroslav Mares.


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