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Expédition poulpe géant

All the popular background of the adventure was present for an expedition in search of the giant octopus : Jules Verne, Peter Benchley (the author of Jaws), and even the Bermuda Triangle...

The monthly magazine Fortean Times of April 2000 has published an article by James Plaskett, an international chess master, about his expedition in search of a giant octopus off Bermudas.

Plaskett had read a book by John Fairley et Simon Welfare, Arthur C. Clarke's chronicles of the strange and the mysterious, where some pages are devoted to incidents which occured in 1984 off Bermudas : crab traps of a local fisher, John Ingham, had been crashed by a mystery animal mystérieux. The hypothesis of a giant octopus had been proposed by Forrest G. Wood, a marine biologist at the Naval Undersea Research Laboratory in San Diego, California.

Plaskett did not film or saw anything, but it should be emphasized that attempts by Clyde Roper, a cephalopod expert at the Smithsonian Institution, to film giant squids Architeuthis off New Zealand (where several strandings did occur), were unsuccessfull.


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