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Born in Scotland in 1911, this naturalist, dead in 1973, is one of the pionneers of cryptozoology. He founded a group of Fortean research (SITU, Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained, with a magazine : Pursuit), and collected a lot of cryptozoological documents. Despite his tendancy to some strange ideas and his lack of a critic mind, Sanderson should be acknowledged for his book Abominable Snowmen -- legend come to life (1961) (figure 1), still a reference on the problem of unknown primates such as the yeti (or "abominable snowman"). A french translation was published in 1963 (figure 2).

Figure 1 : Abominable Snowmen
-- legend come to life
Figure 2 : Hommes-des neiges et hommes des bois (1963)


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